We Help You Take Your Case From Meh to WOW!

I'm on a mission to create the most insane premium cases on the planet, so your device reveals you—not some boring "Yawn-Factory."

Here I am, one day, fumbling around the junk drawer in my kitchen, and something caught my attention. My kids used my old phone cases as little art canvases!

Suddenly, I'm tossed back to my own childhood crayon days! Those little artists at home lit a bulb in my brain.

We're all about our phones these days, right?

Why not make them a part of and as unique as our favorite outfit, pair of kicks, or best gear?

Picture this: Your phone, but much cooler, with an exclusive full-wrap design that keeps your phone ultra-safe and makes friends go, "Wow!" I want one of those!

That's the magic I want to bring you with CASE CANDY.

You'll have a chance to discover limited drops from new artists we team up with to create exclusive cases that will set you light years apart from the crowd.

Plus, I'm bringing in some one-of-a-kind apparel for those who want matching merch and some unique travel accessories for those adventurous souls.

Sound like fun? Join the CASE CANDY crew—it's time your devices get personal.

Feel free to shoot me an email at hello@phonecasecandy.com if you have any questions.

Talk soon,


Bartholomew Palermo,