Customization Guide

How to create your own case.

(Scroll to the bottom of this guide 👇 if you want to skip it and let us do it for you.)

1. Click the "Create Yours" Button on our product page.

A design element tool will open up and look like this on your desktop screen. On your phone, the options will show at the bottom.

2. Click Choose File to upload your own design.

3. Make sure your design is at least 300 DPI for the best print quality. The design element accepts JPG, PNG, and SVG. You'll see a green "good dpi" check mark if your design meets the 300 DPI requirement.

4. Make sure you FILL THE ARTBOARD with your design. No grey area showing!

Use your mouse to pull on the element and adjust your design to your liking, or you can use the FILL ARTBOARD options, which will fill the artboard with one click.

This makes sure the entire case is printed with your design.

5. Add your text. Adjust the text element to your liking, pick the font you like, adjust the size of your font, and choose a color.

6, If you make a mistake, no problem. Click the undo arrow, and you will be taken to your previous step.

7. Always preview your work. In order to preview your work, click anywhere in the background of your canvas element, then click the "👁 Preview" button. 

8. When you're complete with your preview, click the "Add to Cart" button, and checkout.


If you want us to do it for you, just send us an email with your design attached to BUT read the following first to prevent costly delays and returns.

Patterns are easiest, so if you want to keep it simple, use a 3200 x 4000 pixel x 300 DPI image. This gives plenty of room for most patterns.

If you're adding a character or specific design that needs to fit on the front of your case, still use a 3200 x 4000 as your background and make sure your specific design is centered inside a 1550 x 2480 pixel area (this is the general size for most cases).

Specific designs or characters must be 850 x 1200 pixels (2.83" x 4") and placed towards the bottom half of your case so that your design clears the camera lens.

Measure your phone and search Google for "inch to pixel" if you need to.

-Minimum 300 DPI for best results

-Maximum resolution 300000 x 30000px

Please title your email. DO IT FOR ME, and we'll be happy to help. 

For us to do it for you, we charge $9 per case.

Send us an email with your attached design to

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