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Pink Lattice Watch Band (Apple)

Pink Lattice Watch Band (Apple)

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Help Your Apple Watch Show Off Its Artsy Side!

Make your Apple Watch look amazing with watch bands that no one else on earth has yet!

One-of-a-kind designs give your watch a unique look. The soft vegan leather material keeps it comfy on your wrist.

Everyone will ask where you got such an awesome band!

But hurry—we only made a few, so get yours before they're all gone!

Our 12-Month 100% No-Hassle Money Back Guarantee:

If, for any reason, you wouldn't swim across the Atlantic Ocean completely naked, scale the Himalayas in your underwear, or trek across the Sahara bear-footed to keep any of our products, we'll give you back every penny!

We'd go broke making offers like this if we weren't absolutely convinced you would love your new purchase.

No stress, no hassle, no waiting.

Shipping Info

We use USPS and services like DHL for most of our deliveries. You can expect your order to arrive within 2-6 business days for the US and 7–14 days for international from the time it leaves production.

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Your cases look awesome, but are they protective?


Our cases take in up to 85% of shock and impact up to 6-8 feet, so less force hits your phone.

This keeps screens from cracking most of the time when you fumble your phone.

You can trust our cases to guard your phone from big damage in day-to-day life!

I mean, when was the last time you tossed your phone 30 feet into the air and let it hit the pavement?

Can I customize any case from Case Candy?


You can send us a design and we're happy to get it done for you for a $9 service fee, or you can click on "Create Yours" and create your own custom case.

If you need help, there's a step-by-step guide on the product page.

Can I use wireless charging with Case Candy cases?


While our specific MagSafe cases are made specifically for iPhones, all of our cases, including those made for AirPods, are compatible with wired charging stations, Qi wireless chargers, and most power banks.

How well is my camera lens protected by your case?

Our cases have raised bezels that prevent any contact with flat surfaces.

Are your cases only made for Apple devices?


We have cases for customers who have Samsung Galaxy phones as well.

We’re working on expanding our product line.

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A watchband that matches your swag? Yup, we got that.

Choose a Band That Will Spark Envy!

It's time to ditch the vanilla bands so your watch can elevate your look.

When you slide your sleeve up to check the time, your eye-catching band will cause immediate envy from your arrogant sister-in-law.

The Ultimate Accessory For any Fashion-Forward Individual

It's the perfect way to dress up your Apple Watch for a special occasion.

You deserve to feel confident and admired wherever you and your watch make an appearance.

Savvy Style and Influence

Ditch the boring Apple band for your own fresh new styles that transform your watch from yawn to YES, and show off your unique sense of style with an eye-popping band that will get you noticed.

From Dull to Thrilling!

  • "The New Way To Show Off Your Personality"

  • "The Must Have Fashion Accesscory"

  • "The Latest Fashion Trend"

  • "The Ultimate Tech Accessory"

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