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ZEUS™ GIGA Magnetic Travel Power Bank

ZEUS™ GIGA Magnetic Travel Power Bank

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Meet the ZEUS™ GIGA Portable Magnetic Powerhouse: The Must-Have Magnetic Travel Power Bank for Life on the Move!

Let's be honest: Most power banks just don't have the long-lasting power and reliability needed for those who travel often.


This power bank checks all the boxes. It's got monster 10,000 mAh capacity that will supercharge your phone faster than you ever thought possible.

It's a compact power bank that packs a massive punch. Plus, it makes travel, commutes, and life stress-free.

Traveling isn't easy when your tech runs out of power! No worries. This ZEUS™ power bank can supercharge three phones all at once with ease.

Just snap it in and refuel your tech fast. It easily fits in your backpack, luggage, or briefcase.

For the ultimate in portable power banks designed for serious travel, ZEUS™ Giga is an absolute game changer.

The ZEUS™ GIGA Power Difference:

Built-in magnet array for effortless MagSafe attachment with your case on.

Fits comfortably in any bag with sleek, rounded edges.

Stress-free travel as an airplane-safe device.

Experience portable charging freedom.

Supported Apple Devices: iPhone 8-15 (all models), Android (all models)

15 Watts of pure power ready to be deployed

Plus, it has a foldable stand that easily folds out when needed and seamlessly flattens out when done.

    Take it where you need to go so your devices never run dry!

    Our 18-Month 100% No-Hassle Money Back Guarantee:

    If, for any reason, you wouldn't swim across the Atlantic Ocean completely naked, scale the Himalayas in your underwear, or trek across the Sahara bear-footed to keep any of our products, we'll give you back every penny, plus we'll give you back $10 out of our own pocket!

    We'd go broke making offers like this if we weren't absolutely convinced you would love your new purchase.

    No stress, no hassle, no waiting.

    However, you must HURRY!

    Offer ends at midnight on April 7th, then goes back to 12 months only.

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    Your cases look awesome, but are they protective?


    Our cases take in up to 85% of shock and impact up to 6-8 feet, so less force hits your phone.

    This keeps screens from cracking most of the time when you fumble your phone.

    You can trust our cases to guard your phone from big damage in day-to-day life!

    I mean, when was the last time you tossed your phone 30 feet into the air and let it hit the pavement?

    Can I customize any case from Case Candy?


    You can send us a design and we're happy to get it done for you for a $9 service fee, or you can click on "Create Yours" and create your own custom case.

    If you need help, there's a step-by-step guide on the product page.

    Can I use wireless charging with Case Candy cases?


    While our specific MagSafe cases are made specifically for iPhones, all of our cases, including those made for AirPods, are compatible with wired charging stations, Qi wireless chargers, and most power banks.

    How well is my camera lens protected by your case?

    Our cases have raised bezels that prevent any contact with flat surfaces.

    Are your cases only made for Apple devices?


    We have cases for customers who have Samsung Galaxy phones as well.

    We’re working on expanding our product line.

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    A Portable Fail-Safe Power Bank That Goes Where You Go

    A Rock-Solid Powerhouse for Your Essential Tech

    Traveling isn't easy when your tech runs out of power!

    The ZEUS™ GIGA power bank charges your iPhone or Android reliably and blazing fast—a pure game changer.


    On the road and forgot to power up your phone?

    This 10,000 mAh power source will save you.

    Hands down the most reliable powerbanknever worry about your tech running out of power again!

    No more cables or fumbling. Super-fast magnetic charging gives your device more than enough juice when you're on the go.

    Power Up Your Tech Fast—on the Go!

    Just slap it on and plug in two more devices if you want to refuel your tech quickly.

    When you're on the road, the last thing you need to think about is your device's battery running low.

    Your devices will never run dry with the ZEUS™ GIGA!

    In today's busy world, you need charging reliability when away from home.

    Don't leave home without it!

    From Meh to WOW!